Case Study

The rate of social and technology change is increasing. Large organisations are struggling to respond as they are both burdened by legacy technologies and runaway complexity. StrataMap helps ease their pain of change by providing clients with a new way to visualise and collaborate on business and technology design using a SaaS modelling platform.

The Challenge

StrataMap identified that to scale their business, changes needed needed to be made to the underlying application hosting platform. The infrastructure supporting the product needed refinement to support customer growth and remove single points of failure.

There were also optimisations in the development process that could be made to enable new features to be released, faster. The development team had a desire to adopt a new methodology to foster good DevOps practices.

The Solution

API Talent provided the thought leadership and technical delivery to rearchitect the application hosting platform and implement a new continuous delivery continuous integration pipeline.

A docker-based solution with Amazon EC2 Container Service was chosen to enable the security and deployment portability that was required to sustain a rapid release cadence. API Talent supported StrataMap developers through the application rearchitecture and deployment to the cloud.

To create the development pipeline, API Talent looked to the AWS Code* family of products. An AWS CodePipeline was deployed into North Virginia, with AWS CodeCommit acting as the docker image source code repository, and AWS CodeBuild acting as the build component. AWS Lambda was used to deploy built images across regions into Sydney.

Increased deployment frequency

Resulting in a significantly reduced product iteration cycle, meaning greater responsiveness to customer feedback to address fixes and deliver features.

We combined creative thinking with modern building blocks from AWS.


Reduction in deployment time


Reduction in human effort to deploy

CodeBuild Projects

Day Turnaround

API Talent is our most trusted IT partner having successfully designed and built our highly customised AWS DevOps environment from the ground up.

Hugh Walcott

Director, StrataMap

Features and Capabilities

Secure and Private

StrataMap role based model repository is assessed and certified to government security standards.

Version Control

Merge, auditing and conflict resolution are all critical functions supported by StrataMap version controlled repository.


Standards Based

StrataMap models are stored using open standards and can be maintained by any ArchiMate 3.0 editor.

AWS CodeCommit

Provided a centrally managed source code repository to host application code and dockerfiles

AWS CodePipeline

Orchestration of a complete CI/CD pipeline for source, build, test, approval, and deploy. Enabled visibility over the entire process.

AWS CodeBuild

Fully managed application and docker image builds. Integration with AWS Lambda for automated deployments.

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