Next Generation Managed Services


API Talent Next Generation Managed Services is born in the cloud for the cloud. Based on lighter design principals, pure NGMS environments are automated and self-recovering making them cheaper and fault tolerant allowing you to focus on what is more important:  Innovating for the future.


NGMS Key Elements

API Talent Enterprise support backed by AWS support

Infrastructure Event Management

Slack collaboration

Cloud management portal

AWS best practice focus

Regular reviews and month end reports

Advanced billing analytics

Cloud & Security first approach

Expert assistance to optimise your costs

Centralised Billing & Centralised Billing +

Centralised Billing from API Talent provides a cloud management portal with a view to providing you consolidation across your AWS accounts with ease. Our solution provides a central view of your accounts and will allow you to keep control of your AWS costs.

After Hours

This offering gives production business critical systems 24 x 7 incident management by New Zealand’s top AWS team.


Centralised Logging & Centralised Monitoring

Have all your logs in the one place to use for security auditing and advanced monitoring. API Talent can enable automated actions and machine learning to ensure security events and incidents are handled seamlessly.

Virtual Advisory Services

Wanting to gain access to local experts? API Talent provides you a Slack room to collaborate with our highly qualified and experienced architects. Get the best knowledge from local qualified experts today.

API Talent Assurance

API Talent Assurance provides regular architectural best practice audits on your accounts based on the AWS Well Architected pillars. This offering will give you peace of mind around your applications compliance to best practice.

Patch and Image Management

Offload the hassle of ongoing maintenance of applications running on EC2 to our expert team. AMI Gold images are not just patched, we can roll them out across your existing server fleet.

Foundations & Foundations +

Foundations and Foundations + let you rest easy as our team of qualified skilled engineers care for your AWS environments. API Talent will maintain and uplift your systems in a highly proactive and responsive manner.

Secure Offsite Backups

Have a pesky EC2 SQL server hanging about because of a legacy app? No worries. Store the backup dumps “off-site” in an API Talent managed backup account with a one way write process that blocks malicious agents from deleting your precious data.


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