API Talent Blog Posts on Public Cloud and AWS
Continuous Delivery - Cross-Region Style
10 August 2017 2:17PM
Dom Driver

API Talent is called upon to develop solutions to solve a wide variety of customer problems. Sometimes the solutions involve building a system or prod...

Next Generation Managed Services - Part 3
24 July 2017 10:29AM
Paul Dunlop

Next Generation Managed Services - Part 3This is the third part in a 4-part blog series where I delve into Next Generation Managed Services. In my Par...

Implementing a Serverless Data Lake on AWS
23 May 2017 9:14AM
Kishan Gunaratna

Welcome! This is my first blog post of many that I plan to write on each AWS service or solution that I have built a demo or prototype with recently. ...

Next Generation Managed Services - Part 2
19 December 2016 3:12PM
Paul Dunlop

The first part of this blog introduced the concept of Next Generation Managed Services and discussed 3 benefits.  Here in the second part we will cove...

Next Generation Managed Services - Part 1
14 December 2016 12:27PM
Paul Dunlop

Have you heard the latest buzzwords - “Next Generation Managed Services” ?Are you wondering just what this means? This blog post, and subsequent parts...

Serverlessconf 2016 London: A Recap
14 November 2016 11:38AM
Scott Patterson, Andreas Mueller

 After very successful Serverless conferences in New York and Tokyo earlier this year, the brightest minds in cloud (as advertised by the organisers) ...

High Availability in Memcache
02 August 2016 11:01AM

Memcache was originally designed as a fast in-memory caching server and has gained wide adoption in this role. Caching a response from an API or webse...

Automation and Devops
09 March 2016 5:21PM

Moving to AWS managed services may seem daunting at first however there are some major benefits to be made by leveraging them.Automation Cost Savings ...

Serverless Framework
09 March 2016 5:20PM

In the past years, the Amazon cloud already made us very happy with the ability to use auto-scaled clustering of EC2 server instances with a load bala...